Year 3 Gorran Haven

Mrs Nikki Williamson

Class teacher

Update wb 20/07/2020

Hi Gorran Haven Heroes, 

Welcome to another fun week of learning. We have changed to a whole school weekly topic so you can work with other members of your family to complete tasks if you want to. Like before there is a different task for every day. 

This weeks theme is: TRANSITION

Look out for an invitation to join the LIVE LESSON this week on Wednesday 22th July at 4:00. Please see the link below. If you have already given permission for a previous lesson, you will automatically be included in future lessons. Only children who already have permission will be invited. 

 Have a great week and stay safe and ALERT and don't forget to drop me a line in 'Chat' on 'Teams' or through 'Class Dojo' to let me know how you are getting on and to tell me about your weekend!


If your child is still reading books from the Read, Write Inc (Yellow, Blue or Grey books) it would benefit them try some the websites mentioned in this document. 
If you would like your children to be accessing additional work weekly - not linked to the weekly topic, please use the links below for possible ideas. 
Thank you for your continued support. 
Useful resources for learning at home
English Resources
PE/ Wellbeing/ Mindfulness/ Just for fun
In Literacy this Summer term, we will be completing various tasks through distance learning to consolidate learning completed during the Autumn and Spring Terms. So far this year children have been learning from a range of texts including Stone Age Boy, The Enchantress, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, focusing on writing adventure/ journey stories, character descriptions, playscripts, scene settings, instructional writing, information texts about dragons and were-creatures and even a losing tale. Children have learned about adverbs (adjectives to describe how, where or when someone is doing something), imperative (bossy) verbs (instructions), how to write speech using correct punctuation, expanded noun phrases (the hideous, monstrous werewolf), prepositions (in, on, next to, under the luscious, green, leafy tree) and used FANBOYS in their writing to connect sentences  (for, and, nor, but, or, yet and so). We have been learning about poetry using the poem - 'The Magic Box'.
In the Autumn term we learned about the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age (see pictures below). We learned about how people lived, ate, travelled and so much more.
For our topic in the Spring  term we learned about 'Space'.
We did lots of exciting learning on our planet, and other planets in our solar system.
In Geography we looked at the continents and oceans on our planet and  we explored artefacts found in space such as moon rocks! We listened to 'Space Stories that Really Happened!' Children learned about the artist Peter Thorpe and created their own versions of Space Art.
 This Term (Summer) we will be learning about the Victorians. Look out for some exciting research projects. We can learn about Queen Victoria, exciting inventions that took place during the Victorian Era and even what it was like to be a Victorian child! The clothes they were are very different to what we wear today. See what you can find out!
In Science we are learning about and experimenting with plants. Learning how plants functions and what they need to grow. 
During Science week we did a range of exciting experiments including making lava lamps, testing spinners, using STEM to see who could make the best structure and the children brought in their own exciting science projects to show and test with us. It was great fun!
In PE, we have been learning the skills, rules and game play involved in rugby, netball and tennis.
As much as possible this term, we will take our learning outside. It would be great if children could have a pair of wellies or old shoes in school at all times as well as a suitable coat.
The Gorran Haven Heroes have completed some awesome work over the last half term. Here are some of the WOW pieces of work children have submitted.